Removing the Logic Board

1. Remove the air deflector located above the I/O ports. There are no screws, it's held in place with double-stick tape.

Taking Hard Drive Out Imac

2. Disconnect the four connectors (two fan cables and two hard drive cables) and remove the two screws on the video cable.

Replace Fan For Imac

3. Using a T-8 screwdriver, remove the two fan duct screws and lift the duct off the logic board. Note: These two screws are longer than the other silver screws securing the logic board to the midplane chassis.

4. Remove the three hard drive screws. Next, lift the hard drive up a bit and disconnect the hard drive data and the hard drive power cables on the left side. Lastly, disconnect the thermal sensor and the inverter cable (located near the copper heatpad).

Mac Pro Airport Antenna Install

5. On the left side of the board:

  • use a T-6 screwdriver to remove the two screws on the Airport Extreme card guide
  • disconnect the AirPort antenna cable (from the AirPort Extreme card or from the card guide) and slide the AirPort antenna out of the slot on the card guide
  • lift the AirPort card guide off the logic board
  • disconnect the power supply if you haven't done so already. Note: The power supply has been removed in this graphic.
6. Using the T-6 screwdriver, remove the two modem screws

7. Lift the modem straight up and off the logic board connector and disconnect the modem cable. Note: If a Bluetooth board is present continue with the next step, otherwise go on to step 10.

8. Using a T-6 screwdriver, remove the two screws on the Bluetooth board.
Imac Logic Board Bluetooth

10. Use a needlenose pliers to disconnect the three connectors near the bottom left corner of the midplane. These cables connect to the speakers, microphone, and the fan. Note: Pull on the connector, not the cables.

Where The Imac Lcd Connector

11. Using a T-10 screwdriver, remove eight silver logic board screws and with a Phillips #2 screwdriver, remove one brass screw in the bottom left corner of the midplane.

  1. Important: Before removing the board, position the DIMM latches into the locked position (closed). Carefully lift the logic board off the midplane chassis. Return the logic board to Apple in the packaging provided.
  2. Look on the back of the logic board for the light pipe. Remove the light pipe and install it on the replacement logic board.

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