Installing the Microfoam onto the Bezel

1. Locate the piece of microfoam and the two white posts (circled) on the bezel.

2. With the shiny side of the microfoam facing the bezel, slide the holes of the microfoam onto the two white posts on the bezel.

3. Tuck the mircofoam into place before installing the optical drive.

4. Replace the optical drive in the direction of the arrow, lining up the white posts on the bezel with the holes on the optical drive bezel.

  1. Slide the optical drive into place and press down near the tab to reconnect the drive.
  2. Make sure no microfoam is sticking out of the bezel. Note: Before reassembling the computer, partially insert an optical disc to make sure it inserts smoothly.
  1. Replace the optical drive screws.
  2. Replace the back cover.

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