Reimbursement Strategy

Apple is aware that some customers may have paid for out-of-warranty repairs that qualify under this program. If your customers' iMac was repaired out of warranty and they believe the repair qualified under the iMac G5 Power Supply REP, Apple will review their claim and determine if the customers qualify for reimbursement of the repair cost.

If the claim is determined to be eligible for repair under the iMac G5 Power Supply REP, Apple will reimburse your customer directly.

Apple will work with service providers to inform affected customers (where contact information is available) about details on the reimbursement process. If your service location has conducted any out-of-warranty repairs that are eligible under this program, Apple will contact you in the near future to coordinate communications to affected customers.

Note: Service that was performed to repair damage caused by accident or misuse is not covered under this program.

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