Removing the Front Bezel

  1. Position unit on rear cover (back).
  2. Tilt up the front bezel and remove three screws along the bottom.

Warning: The ambient light sensor is located next to the center screw. Don't mistake the ambient light sensor for a screw. Sticking a screwdriver or other sharp object in the ambient light sensor could damage the computer.

3. Slightly bending the upper quarter of the access tool card will help engage the latch more securely. Refer to the Access Tool Modification if the bezel is difficult to remove.

4. This picture shows how the access tool works. Pushing the tool up the vent on the rear cover releases the latches on the inside of the front bezel. Refer to the next step for the procedure.
Taking Off Imac Front

5. Start on the left side (looking from the back of the unit). As you insert the card to disengage the latch, squeeze the top of the bezel, that will help take pressure off of the latch and enable it to open easier. As the bezel releases, pull the bezel away from the rear housing.

Imac Back Panel Removal

6. Repeat step 5 to release the locking latch in the right corner. Again, pull the bezel away as the card releases the latch.

7. If the bezel won't release, pull the bottom of the bezel out a bit and insert the access card again.

Isight Disassembly
8. Repeat step 7 for the left side.

9. Once the access card has been removed, it is safe to open the bezel. Position the unit on an ESD mat, with the bottom facing toward you. Lift up the top of the bezel and pull it up and slightly toward you. Caution: Make sure the memory eject rings are not protruding from the access door when you lift the bezel or you could bend or damage the eject rings.

Imac Inch Isight Screen

10. Swing the bezel up so you can disconnect two cables on the camera board at the top of the bezel.

11. Disconnect the camera and microphone cables from the camera board.

Fix Macbook Mic Isight Cable

12. Lift the front bezel off the computer. Note the microphone is part of the front bezel assembly.

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