Replacing the Wireless Antenna Cable

  1. Attach the antenna board to the top inside of the rear housing with double-stick tape.
  2. Route the antenna cable along the top inside corner of the rear housing. Make sure the antenna cable routes around the white post in the corner. Check that the cable doesn't protrude from the vent on the rear housing.
  1. Route the antenna cable as shown above and insert the connector's end of the cable through the access hole in the Faraday shield. Leave about 2 inches of cable extending from the Faraday shield.
  2. Replace the optical drive fan.
  3. Replace the logic board.
  4. Replace the optical drive.
  5. Replace the speakers.
  6. Replace the display panel.
  7. Replace the IR Board.
  8. Replace the lower EMI shield.
  9. Replace the front bezel.
  10. Replace the front bezel.
  11. Replace the memory access door.

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