IMac G Back View

KÜ Audio line in port o

Headphone out/ optical audio out port

Ol Video out port

V FireWire ports (2)

Modem port

® Power button

KÜ Audio line in port

Imac Video Input

Power port

Security slot

Power port

Security slot

Audio line in port

Input audio into your iMac G5 from a line-level microphone or other audio equipment.

Headphone out/optical audio out port

""" Connect headphones or other sound output devices. Or connect your iMac G5 to a receiver, home theater system, or other digital audio equipment using an optical audio cable with a mini-plug jack.

Ol Video out port

Using the optional Apple VGA Display Adapter (available at, connect an external monitor or projection device that uses a VGA connector. Using the optional Apple Video Adapter (available at, connect a television, VCR, or other video device that uses an S-video or composite video connector.

^ Three USB (Universal Serial Bus) 2.0 ports

Connect printers, Zip and other disk drives, digital cameras, joysticks, and more. Connect both USB 1.1 and high-speed USB 2.0 devices.

Connect high-speed external devices, such as an iPod, digital video cameras, and external storage devices.

W Modem port (on some models)

Connect a standard phone line directly to the internal 56K v.92 modem.

Connect to a high-speed 10/100Base-T Ethernet network, connect a DSL or cable modem, or connect to another computer and transfer files. The Ethernet port automatically detects other Ethernet devices. You don't need an Ethernet crossover cable to connect to other Ethernet devices.

® Power button

Turn on your iMac G5 or put it to sleep. Press and hold to reset during troubleshooting.

Connect the computer's power cord.

Security slot

Attach a lock and cable to prevent theft (available at Memory access (inside)

Your iMac G5 comes with at least 256 megabytes (MB) of 400 MHz, PC 3200 Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (DDR-SDRAM). You can add more memory to your iMac G5, up to a total of 2 GB. For more information and instructions on installing memory, see "Installing Additional Memory" on page 41.

^ AirPort Extreme Card slot (inside)

An AirPort Extreme Card in your computer allows you to connect to a wireless network. Your iMac G5 may have come with an AirPort Extreme Card already installed. If not, you can purchase an AirPort Extreme Card and install it yourself. See "Installing an AirPort Extreme Card" on page 47.

Bluetooth® wireless technology (inside)

With the internal Bluetooth module (optional) you can connect wirelessly to devices, such as Bluetooth mobile phones, PDAs, printers, and the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple Wireless Mouse (you can purchase an Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse at

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