Occasionally you may have problems while working with your iMac G This chapter gives you some solutions to try when you have a problem

This chapter contains solutions to problems that prevent you from working with your computer, such as a system freeze or a computer that will not start up. You can find more troubleshooting information in Mac OS Help (see page 22), on the Apple Support website at www.apple.com/support, and in the Apple Knowledge Base at kbase.info.apple.com.

When you experience a problem with your computer, there is usually a simple and quick solution. When you encounter a problem, try to make a note of things you did before the problem occurred. This will help you narrow down the possible causes of the problem and then find the answers you need. Things to note include:

  • The applications you were using when the problem occurred. Problems that occur only with a specific application may indicate that the application is not compatible with the version of the Mac OS installed on your computer.
  • Any software that you recently installed. Certain applications install extensions that may not be compatible with the Classic environment.
  • Any new hardware (such as additional memory or a peripheral) that you connected or installed.

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