To use Apple Hardware Test

1 Disconnect all external devices from your computer except the keyboard and mouse. If you have an Ethernet cable connected, disconnect it.

2 Insert the "Additional Software & Apple Hardware Test" disc that came with your computer.

3 Restart your computer and hold down the "C"key as it starts up. A list of available startup volumes appears. Click Apple Hardware Test and click the right arrow.

4 When the Apple Hardware Test main screen appears after about 45 seconds, follow the onscreen instructions.

5 If Apple Hardware Test detects a problem, it displays an error code. Make a note of the error code before pursuing support options. If Apple Hardware Test does not detect a hardware failure, the problem may be software related.

For more information about Apple Hardware Test, see the Apple Hardware Test Read Me file on the "Additional Software & Apple Hardware Test" disc.

You can use System Profiler to find out detailed information about your iMac G5, such as the amount of built-in memory, hard disk size, devices connected, and the product serial number.

To access the information in System Profiler, choose Apple (K) > About This Mac from the menu bar and then click More Info.

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  • veli-matti
    What is the ibook g4 "additional software & apple hardware test" disc?
    9 years ago

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