Front Outer Bezel

Before you begin, place the computer on an ESD mat and remove the bottom housing.


Beze! Note: The Snow ¡Mac has a new part number for the front outer bezel, 922-4609.


1. With a jeweler's screwdriver, carefully remove the two tabs on the front outer bezel. Refer to the next graphic for a close-up of the tab removal.

OuterBezel Tab

2. After removing the tabs, remove the screws located under the tabs.

Note: The bezel tabs fit tightly into the rear housing. A good, hard pull upward is required to release all the tabs.

  1. Insert a plastic tool underneath the bezel.
  2. Pry the outer bezel tabs from the rear housing with a plastic tool. As you push and pry the tool inside the bezel, the side tabs will start to release.
  3. Insert the tool on the left side of the bezel and repeat.

Take Apart

6. As the tabs start to release, pull hard on the front outer bezel to release the tabs


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