Troubleshooting Procedures

This chapter contains basic theory of operations information as well as detailed Symptom/Cure tables, both of which should help you troubleshoot and repair the iMac (Summer 2001) computer.

The Symptom/Cure tables are broken down into two sections: problems that can occur at startup time-before the Finder appears on the screen; and problems that can occur after a successful startup. Each major symptom has its own symptom/ cure table.

In the left-hand column of each table are the possible causes of the symptom, with the corresponding cures in the right-hand column. You should also follow the tables in the order presented as they represent the most logical order for cause and cure. Verify whether or not the product continues to exhibit the symptom. If the symptom persists, try the next cure. (Note: If you have replaced a module, reinstall the original module before you proceed to the next fix.)

For additional assistance, contact Apple Technical Support.


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