New Models

There are four models of the ¡Mac: the 500 MHz ¡Mac in Indigo (Education only), the 500 MHz in Indigo and Snow, the 600 MHz ¡Mac in Graphite and Snow, and the 700 MHz ¡Mac Special Edition in Graphite and Snow.

Note: The 500 MHz Education ¡Mac uses logic board 661-2447.

Part Changes for iMac (Summer 2001)

  • Logic boards:
  • added 661-2548, 700 MHz board
  • 661-2447, 500 MHz board is now used in educational iMacs, previously it was an international board only
  • Hard drives:
  • added 661-2521, 60 GB Hard Drive
  • External plastics
  • added 922-4609, Front Outer Bezel, Snow, Rev. 2

The following take apart procedures for the ¡Mac (Summer 2001) computers are identical to take apart procedures for ¡Mac (Early 2001) and ¡Mac (Summer 2000) computers.

The Indigo Mac (Summer 2000) was used for all the pictures in this chapter.

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