Infrared Communication

The iMac (models M6709LL/A and M6709LL/B) come with built-in 1-megabit infrared technology for easy, wireless LAN access and file sharing with similarly equipped systems. The iMac logic board has one IrDA (Infrared Data Association) compliant connector that offers a maximum transfer speed of 4 MB/sec (AppleTalk and TCP/IP).

The iMac also allows users to switch to the IRTalk protocol by using the Infrared Control Panel. The iMac can therefore communicate with other IRTalk-capable devices (such as Macintosh PowerBooks) using the IRTalk protocol at a speed of 230 kB/second (AppleTalk Only).

For information about whether or not iMac computers can communicate with HP printers, contact Hewlett Packard. For information about whether iMac computers can communicate with other third-party IrDA compliant devices, contact the manufacturer of the third-party device.

The iMac supports the following Apple devices on the IrDA channel:

  • PowerBook 2400 and 3400
  • Macintosh Powerbook G3

IrDA vs. IRTalk

There are two main differences between IRTalk and IrDA:

1 IrDA is an industry standard, while IRTalk is an Apple-only technology.

2 IrDA supports TCP/IP and AppleTalk, whereas IRTalk only supports AppleTalk.

The Infrared Control Panel will give information about any Infrared connections that are established as well as what type of infrared the iMac is currently set to use. In the window below, IrDA is selected and there are no other

m IrDA

The options button will present a new window (shown on the next page) that allows you to select the type of infrared connections you want. You can also select whether or not you are notified if the connection is interrupted. This checkbox will only be available for IrDA and not IRTalk.

For infrared options to work there are three drivers (which are normally installed) that must be in the Control Panels or Extensions folder. They are:

Infrared Control Panel

IrDALib Extension

IrLanScannerPPC Extension

If these icons are not present or disabled, you will not be able to make infrared connections from the iMac.

If you have used infrared communications with other Apple products, you will notice a difference with iMac. The lens in the rear of the iMac has been updated to support IrDA. The new lens has about a 30 degree viewing angle. There is also a minimum 3-foot distance for recognizing other Infrared devices.

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