Quit open applications

When you restart your computer, the computer tries to quit all open applications. Sometimes an application doesn't get the message to quit and you have to quit the application yourself.

Important Before quitting an application, make sure you save any open documents.

  • You can quit almost any application by choosing Quit from the File menu or pressing Command (X)-Q.
  • If this doesn't work, you can sometimes force a program to quit by simultaneously pressing the keys Command (x), Option, and Esc. Then click Force Quit in the dialog box that appears.

Note: Unsaved changes in your current documents will be lost.

Immediately save all open documents, quit all other open programs, and restart your computer.

If this doesn't solve your problem, return to "Problems" on page 7.

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  • nebyat
    How to quit all imac applications open?
    10 years ago
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    How to quit all apps on a imac?
    9 years ago

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