Installation Verification Sc Io Board

Note: The following materials are required to verify installation:

  • Macintosh Plus or later
  • SCSI system cable
  • SCSI terminator
  • quot;SC Printer Installation" diskette

1 Set the SCSI address to 7.

2 Turn on the printer and wait about 3 minutes.

Note: If the printer prints a startup test page, proceed to the next page. If not, refer to "Print Engine Check" in Flowcharts.

Note: Because the Macintosh is always assigned SCSI number 7, you should always reset the LaserWriter IISC address before resuming printing.

3 Insert the "SC Installation" disk in the internal hard drive and switch on the Macintosh.

4 Open the Chooser under the Apple menu, select SC as the device type, and close the Chooser.

5 Select Print Catalog from the File menu.

Note: If the printer produces a catalog, installation is complete. If not, refer to "Print Engine Check" in Flowcharts.

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