Laser Power Output Check

Before you begin, remove the following:

  • I/O board
  • Cover set

Note: The Laser Power Checker(076-01 21) has been discontinued. If you have the tool, follow the procedure to measure the power output of the laser diode. No adjustments can be made to laser power circuitry in LaserWriter II.

Warning: Do not open the laser access hatch or disconnect the optical fiber cable when the printer is switched on. The reflected laser beam, though invisible, can permanently damage your eyes.

1 Open the laser access hatch on the laser/ scanner assembly.

2 Warning: In the following step, make sure the laser power checker is fully inserted so that none of the laser light can escape from the access hatch.

Insert the laser power checker into the laser access hatch with the detector facing the laser diode.

Connect the laser power checker to the multimeter as follows:

  • Connect the black lead from the laser power checker to the multimeter socket labeled "Common."
  • Connect the red lead from the checker to the multimeter socket marked "Volts" or "V."
  • Set the multimeter to volts, set the range to 200 mV, and switch on the multimeter.

Top Cover Interlock

4 Defeat the top-cover interlock by lodging a stiff, non-metallic insert into the interlock switch. A plastic ballpoint pen cap or folded index card works well. Defeating this switch simulates a clamshell-shut condition.

Top Cover Interlock


5 Switch on the printer. Wait one minute for the printer to warm up.

6 Depress drum sensitivity switches SW301 and SW302 and press the service test page button.

Note: The reading on the multimeter should be 17.6 ± 1.6 mV. If this is not the case, go to "Laser/Scanner" in Flowcharts.


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