Ntx Rom Upgrade

Caution: To prevent ESD damage to components, wear a grounding wriststrap. Review the ESD precautions in Bulletins/Safety.

The LaserWriter II NTX ROM upgrade provides the following enhancements:

  • Software switching between PostScript and other emulation modes (D630 and HPLJ) on LocalTalk ports
  • Support of multiple hard drives and hard drives larger than 40 MB
  • Additional characters with HPLJ emulation mode

1 Switch off and unplug the printer.

2 Remove the I/O board and place it on a grounded workbench pad.

3 Using an IC extractor, carefully remove the eight ROMs.

4 Install the new ROMs, making sure that the notch on each chip faces the I/O bracket.

Note: Install each ROM in its proper socket. They are not interchangeable. Look at the characters printed on each ROM chip to identify a ROM; you can find the marking at the end of the first line of print. This marking matches the ROM socket location on the I/O board.

5 Plug in and switch on the printer. Wait about 3 minutes.

Note: If the printer does not produce a startup test page, run the NT/NTX ROM and SIMM Test to identify any failing ROM chip. Replace any ROM that the test identifies as bad.

6 Read the copyright information along the right edge of the test page.

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