Preventive Maintenance

Before performing any preventive maintenance, be sure to do the following:

1 Check the page count on the startup test. If the I/O board has been replaced or upgraded, check the repair log label affixed to the bottom of the printer or consult with the customer to determine page count.

2 Power off and unplug the printer.

3 Allow the fuser assembly rollers to cool.

4 Prepare your work area for electrostatic discharge prevention.

5 Spread a drop cloth under the work area to protect the floor from grease and spilled toner.

Caution: Never use an ammonia-based cleaner on the

LaserWriter II. These cleaners can discolor the plastic.

Caution: Before servicing the fuser rollers, make sure that the printer has been off at least 5 minutes to allow the fuser assembly to cool.

The service provider should clean the following items every 12 months or during each service call.

Service Point


Primary corona wire

Cleaning brush supplied with printer

Transfer corona wire

Cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol

Transfer guide

Cloth dampened with water

Fuser rollers

Fuser cleaning pad

Service Point


Exterior case

Cloth dampened with water

Separation claws

Cloth dampened with alcohol

Paper guide

Cloth dampened with alcohol

Lower delivery guide

Cloth dampened with alcohol

Feeder guide

Cloth dampened with water

Registration rollers

Cloth dampened with water

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