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Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. Dispose of used batteries according to the manufacturer's instructions.

A "dead" lithium battery is considered hazardous waste and has some potential for explosion if improperly handled. Mark the battery "Dead". Place it in a zip-lock wrapper and the packaging used to ship the replacement battery, and return the dead battery to Apple, where it will be disposed of following EPA guidelines. Exception: If the battery is physically damaged, do not return it to Apple. Dispose of the battery locally according to local ordinances.

(Instructions for replacing the battery are given in this manual.)


Invisible laser radiation when open and interlocks defeated. Avoid exposure to laser beam.

LaserWriter Pro 810 Section 1: Introduction


The printer consists of two major blocks—the controller and the print engine. The controller functions as the interpreter of the source print data and creates dot pattern information. The print engine prints the data based upon the dot pattern information it receives from the controller.

The print engine includes the Laser Scanner Unit (laser/optical unit), EP cartridge (developer, drum, toner, main charger), and paper feed mechanisms. The print engine mechanisms are controlled by the DC Controller.

This section of the manual describes the overall print process, Laser Scanner Unit functions, and DC Controller functions. Locations of other major parts and assemblies are provided as well as a brief description of their functions.

NOTE: Many of the drawings in this manual show a two-tray model of the LaserWriter Pro laser printer. All pictures of the two-tray model used in this manual accurately represent the three-tray LaserWriter 810.

Apple Computer does not include a two-tray printer in the LaserWriter 810 product offering. If this manual is revised in the future the graphics will be changed to reflect the three-tray configuration.

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