DC Controller Mount

Before you begin, remove the following:

  • Top cover
  • Side covers
  • Rear cover
  • I/O controller mount

DC Controller

Disconnect the following cables:

High-voltage power supply cable from P11 Laser assembly/ scanner motor board cable from PI 2 Cassette feeder board cable from PI 3 Main motor cable from PI 4

High-voltage power supply/toner cartridge sensor board cable from PI 5

Paper registration/ manual feed sensor cable from PI 6

  • Manual-feed pickup solenoid cable from PI 7
  • Fan motor cable from PI 8
  • Laser beam detection cable from PI 9

2 Remove all cables from the two cable retainers.

3 Remove the three mounting screws and lift out the DC controller mount.

High-Voltage Power Supply

High-Voltage Power Supply

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