Fax Card Upgrade

Before you begin, remove the following:

  • Covers
  • I/O shield

Note: Only the LaserWriter Select 360 printer offers the fax card upgrade option.

Important: End users have the option of turning the fax speaker on or off, but only Apple authorized service providers can adjust the volume. When installing the fax card, be sure to set the

volume at the mid-range level using a small Phillips screwdriver or a video adjustment tool. Be careful that you don't over rotate the dial or you could damage it.

1 Remove the screw that holds the metal shield that covers the fax port hole on the LaserWriter Select 360 I/O bracket.

2 Remove the metal shield from the I/O bracket.

Fax Card

I/O Bracket

I/O Bracket

Insert the fax card (with the battery facing up) so that the phone connector is visible through the I/O bracket.

Press down gently on the fax card to secure connector J1 on the fax card to connector J57 on the I/O board.

Secure the fax card to the I/O bracket using the metal shield screw.

Affix the fax label on the back ledge beneath the fax port.

I/O Controller (310)

I/O Controller (310)

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