IO Interfaces

Serial Two RS-232/422 serial ports; mini DIN-8 connectors

SCSI One external SCSI port; DB-25 connector

Supports up to six external SCSI devices

Apple Desktop Bus One Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) port; mini DIN-4 connector

Video One DB-15 monitor port on built-in video daughterboard

Sound Mono sound input port supports external microphone or line-level inputs

Bias current for electret microphone Stereo sound output jacks at front and rear

Processor-Direct Slot 630 Series: One 114-pin internal expansion slot for LC

compatible processor-direct card LC 630 DOS-Compatible: An adapter board occupies the LC processor-direct slot, providing a DB-15 connector for a PC/ AT game controller

Communications One 112-pin internal expansion slot for modem and Ethernet


Video-In Slot One 60-pin internal video-in slot for real-time video display, capture, and overlay

TV Tuner One 10-pin slot for TV tuner card

Controls Softpower-on control from keyboard

Front panel push button control for sound volume Front panel stereo headphone jack Optional infrared remote control

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