Replacement Procedure

1. Install the AirPort Extreme card into the connector on the mezzanine board and replace the kapton tape as shown. Plug the AirPort antenna cable into the opening on the end of the AirPort Extreme card.

Mac Mini Mezzanine Board

2. Turn over the mezzanine board so the AirPort Extreme card is facing down. Connect the mezzanine board to the connector on the logic board. Replace the two screws on the mezzanine board.

Mac Mini Mezzanine

3. Make sure that the AirPort antenna cable is firmly inserted into the AirPort Extreme card. If the connector is not fully inserted, you'll see a large portion of the connector collar. For details see Knowledge Base article 108039, "Properly attaching the antenna on an AirPort Extreme card."

Attaching Mac Mini Air Antenna

4. Hold the internal frame over the logic board as shown. Route the AirPort and Bluetooth antenna cables up through the opening in the internal frame.

Mac Mini Powerknopf

5. Lower the internal frame into place. Note: Route the power button cable out of the way of the internal frame.

6. Route the antenna cables to the right side of the interconnect board on the internal frame as you continue lowering the internal frame onto the logic board.

7. Replace the three screws on the internal frame.

8. Replace the Bluetooth antenna. Secure the antenna cable with kapton tape.

Important: Take care handling the Bluetooth antenna as a bent or warped antenna will affect Bluetooth connectivity.

Antenna Bluetooth

9. Replace the AirPort Extreme antenna. Secure the cable with kapton tape.

Important: Take care handling the AirPort antenna as a bent or warped antenna will affect AirPort connectivity.

Mac Mini Airport Antenna

10. Gently fasten the antenna onto the internal frame. The antenna is held in place by the black clip and black post (shown below).

11. Secure the power button cable to the internal frame with the kapton tape.

12. Replace the top housing.

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