Part Number 922-8025

Mac Pro Back Panel

Note: To remove the heatsink cover, you must first slide the memory cage toward the back panel.

  1. Using a long-handled, magnetized #1 Phillips screwdriver, remove the two long screws that mount the memory cage to the logic board.
  2. Using a short-handled, magnetized jeweler's #1 Phillips screwdriver or right-angle, magnetized #1 Phillips screwdriver, carefully remove the two short screws that mount the memory cage to the bottom panel of the enclosure.
Screw Standoff

Important: As you start to unscrew each short screw, look directly below the cage for the screw's standoff. If the standoff starts to turn as you turn the screwdriver, use the Apple Mac Pro wrench (part number 922-8025) to hold the standoff in place while you turn the screw.

Apple Mac Pro Wrench

If either of the two short mounting screws for the memory cage strip while you are attempting to remove it, the screw will stay attached to its hex standoff located below the cage and you will be unable to remove the screw. In this case, do the following.

Note: To avoid scratching the enclosure in the following step, place a piece of sticky note paper or removable masking tape over the enclosure edge where you insert the wrench.

• Insert the Apple Mac Pro wrench (part number 922-8025) around the hex standoff located directly below the stripped screw, as illustrated. Turn the wrench to separate the hex standoff from the enclosure. If both screws are stripped, alternate turning the wrench between the two standoffs so that the memory cage rises evenly.

• Using a flat-blade screwdriver, lift the cage over both standoffs and slide the cage as described in step 3.

Apple Mac Pro Repair Location

See also the replacement note for cages with stripped screws in "Memory Cage with Rear Fan." In addition, order screw 922-7703 to replace any stripped, short screws used in securing the memory cage.

  1. Slide the memory cage toward the rear panel of the computer.
  2. Slide the memory cage toward the rear panel of the computer.

Replacement Note: When reinstalling the processor heatsink cover, do the following: • Make sure the heatsink cover slides below slot #1 on the PCI card guide, which is attached to the front fan assembly.

• Align the four slots on the underside of the heastink cover's left edge with the four tabs on the front fan before snapping the heatsink cover into place. (The slots on the underside of the cover's right edge should automatically align with the tabs on the memory cage, once you slide the cage back into its original position.)

• Slide the memory cage back into place and secure it with the four mounting screws, making sure you do not over-torque the screws.

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