Mac Pro External Enclosure

1. If you have not already done so, loosen the two captive screws that secure the PCI bracket to the enclosure and remove the bracket.

Mac Pro Enclosure

Warning: When removing or installing a card, handle it only by the edges. Do not touch its connectors or any of the components on the card. Lift the card straight out from the connector to remove it, and insert it straight into the connector to install it. Do not rock the card from side to side and don't force the card into the slot. Once the replacement card is installed, pull on it gently to check that it is properly connected.

  1. Release the small locking clip at the front of the card's logic board connector by pushing the clip up toward the media shelf.
  2. Holding the card by the top corners, gently pull up the card and remove it from its expansion slot.

Note: The Mac Pro RAID Card must always be installed in slot 4.

Mac Pro Raid

4. Disconnect iPass cable from the Mac Pro RAID Card.

Ipass Cable Mac Pro

Note: You may find it helpful to use a small, flat-blade screwdriver to release the cable connector. Depress the rear edge of the silver-colored latch on top of the connector.

Ipass Cable Mac

# /// 1

  1. Remove the card from the enclosure.
  2. The Mac Pro RAID Card includes its own battery.

If you are replacing the battery on the card, do the following:

  • Disconnect the battery cable from the card.
  • Remove the four mounting screws and lift the battery from the card.

Important: Do not drop, disassemble, crush, incinerate, or expose the battery to temperatures above 212° F (100° C). Stop using the battery if it appears damaged in any way. Replace the battery only with an Apple-authorized battery for this product. Dispose of used batteries promptly according to your local environmental guidelines.

Replacing the Mac Pro RAID Card

  1. Connect the iPass cable to the Mac Pro RAID Card.
  2. Align the card's connector with expansion slot 4 and press until the connector is inserted all the way into the slot. Make sure the card also engages slot 4 in the PCI card guide.

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