Mac Pro Assembly

Ipass Cable Mac Pro

1. Using a long-handled, magnetized #1 Phillips screwdriver, remove the screw at the top rear of the front fan assembly that mounts the assembly to the logic board.

Mac Pro Remove Fan Assembly

2. Remove the second Phillips screw at the bottom front of the assembly.

3. Place one hand on each end of the fan, lift straight up, and remove the fan from the enclosure.

Mac Pro Fan Replacement

Replacement Note: Before re-installing the front fan assembly in the enclosure, make sure that the fan cables are routed correctly in the fan channel.

Replacement Note: Make sure all AirPort and Bluetooth antenna wires are out of the way before lowering the fan assembly onto the logic board.

Mac Pro Ipass Cable

Replacement Note: When lowering the front fan into the enclosure, slide the guide on the base of the fan assembly into the channel on the speaker assembly.

Also make sure the latch on the inside top left edge of the fan assembly engages with the slot on the inside lip of the enclosure. Then press down until you hear the fan click into place in the connector on the logic board.

QlM Mac Pro RAID Card and ^ j Battery

Note: If a Mac Pro RAID Card is installed in a Mac Pro (8x), the standard iPass cable routing has been changed so that the cable connects to the card, rather than to the logic board.

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