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1. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the two mounting screws on the power supply cable cover located at the back of the optical drive bay.

2. Slide the cover toward the top of the enclosure, tilt it up until the two tabs on the cover clear the slots in the media shelf, and remove the cover from the enclosure.

Replacement Note: Replace the cover at an angle so that the tabs engage with the slots in the media shelf. Then lower the cover into place.

3. Using a short-handled, magnetized 2.5 mm hex wrench, remove the four power supply mounting screws from the bottom of the media shelf.

  1. Release the four power supply cables from their hook-and-loop fasteners on the enclosure.
  2. Depress the locking latch on each cable connector and disconnect the four power supply cables from the four connectors on the power harness cable.

6. Slide the power supply toward the front of the computer.

7. Lift the power supply and cables out of the enclosure.

Replacement Note: When replacing the power supply, be sure to slide it toward the back of the computer as far as possible. The power receptacle must align with the opening in the enclosure's back panel and the four screw holes in the power supply must align with the screw holes in the media shelf.

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