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1. Disconnect the power supply fan cable from the logic board and thread the cable through the opening in the media shelf.

2. Using needlenose pliers, pull out the four grommets that mount the power supply fan to the media shelf divider.

Note: You may find scissors or wire cutters useful in snipping off the grommet heads.

3. Rotate the fan and remove it from the enclosure.

Replacing the Power Supply Fan

  1. Place the power supply fan in the media shelf and thread the fan's cable through the opening in the shelf.
  2. Connect the cable to the logic board.
  3. Rotate the fan into place flush against the media shelf divider. Make sure the back of the fan faces the divider, as illustrated.

Note: To secure the power supply fan to the divider, use the long-tailed grommets enclosed with the replacement fan.

  1. Thread the first grommet, tail first, through one of the four grommet holes in the divider and on through the corresponding grommet hole in the fan bracket. Then pull to secure the grommet and detach the excess threading tail. (The tail is notched to break off at the correct place.)
  2. Repeat for the other three grommets.

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