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1. To keep them out of the way, temporarily tape the antenna cables to the bottom of the media shelf or the enclosure.

Important: Be sure to disconnect all cables from the logic board before you remove the logic board mounting screws.

Starting at the back panel side of the logic board and working clockwise around the board, disconnect all cables from the logic board.

Note: There are 14 cables you will be disconnecting from the logic board.

3. Using a magnetized #1 Phillips screwdriver, remove the 11 black logic board mounting screws.

  1. Slide the logic board back a short distance from the port openings in the back panel. Make sure the ports clear the openings.
  2. Tilt the top edge of the logic board up and maneuver the board out of the enclosure.

Replacement Note: If you are replacing the logic board with a new logic board, do the following: • Remove the protective caps from the new logic board's processor holders and transfer the caps on the original logic board's processor holders. Note that logic boards returned to Apple without the protective caps may be rejected.

Warning: Be careful not to touch the gold pins in the processor socket on the logic board.

• Transfer the processors to the new board: Refer to "Processors, 2.8 and 3.0 GHz" and "Processors, 3.2 GHz" in the Take Apart chapter. You must also transfer the back ports EMI shield to the new board.

Replacement Note: To replace the logic board, tilt it as shown and lower it into the enclosure.

Note: Unlike in earlier Power Mac G5 computers, replacing a logic board in Mac Pro (Early 2008) computer does not require running Apple Service Diagnostic for thermal calibration.

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