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1. Disconnect the rear fan cable from the logic board.
  1. Using a long-handled, magnetized #1 Phillips screwdriver, loosen the four captive screws that mount the memory cage to the logic board.
  2. Rotate the computer so that it is standing vertically. Using a magnetized short-handled or right-angled jeweler's #1 Phillips screwdriver, carefully remove the two short screws that mount the memory cage to the bottom panel of the enclosure.

Note: To remove the memory cage and fan, you must first slide the fan partway into the cage.The fan is held in place by three latches, which you must release before sliding the fan.

4. Using your forefinger, reach below the fan and release the latch nearest the logic board.

5. Using a flat-blade screwdriver, release the two latches nearest the front of the computer.
6. Slide the rear fan into the memory cage.

7. Slide the memory cage and fan toward the power supply far enough that the cage clears the bottom edge of the enclosure. Then lift the memory cage and fan out of the enclosure.

Replacement Note: If you are installing a new fan in the memory cage assembly, rotate the fan into the cage as illustrated. Also note carefully the orientaton of the fan in relation to the cage.

Important: Before you install the cage in the enclosure, the fan should always be inserted partway into the cage.

Replacement Note: Before installing the memory cage and fan, make sure all logic board cables below the cage are out of the way so that the cage sits properly and the cables are not pinched or damaged when you tighten the screws.

Replacement Note: To install the memory cage and fan, maneuver the cage into position in the enclosure. Tighten at least two of the captive mounting screws. Then slide the fan toward the back panel, until you hear it snap into place.

Tighten the remaining captive screws, replace the two screws that mount the cage to the enclosure's bottom panel, and reconnect the rear fan cable to the logic board.

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