This procedure explains how to install a standard card and a card that includes a booster cable. Before you can install either type of card, however, you must first loosen the two captive screws that secure the PCI bracket to the enclosure and remove the bracket. You must also remove the port cover for the PCI slot where you are installing the new card.

Warning: When installing or removing a card, handle it only by the edges. Do not touch its connectors or any of the components on the card.

Standard Card

1. Align the card's connector with the expansion slot and press until the connector is inserted all the way into the slot. If you're installing a 12-inch card, make sure the card engages the appropriate slot in the PCI card guide.

  • Don't rock the card from side to side; instead, press the card straight down into the slot.
  • Don't force the card. If you meet a lot of resistance, pull the card out. Check the connector and the slot for damage or obstructions, then try inserting the card again.
  • Pull the card gently to see if it is properly connected. If it resists and stays in place and its gold connectors are barely visible, the card is connected.

2. Replace the PCI bracket and tighten the two screws that secure it to the enclosure.

Card with Booster Cable 1. Connect the booster cable to the card.

2. Holding the card by the top corners, insert it straight down into its expansion slot.

3. Connect the booster cable to the logic board.

Note: There are two logic board connectors for booster cables. Connect the booster cable for a card in PCI slot 1 to the connector that is closest to the heatsink cover. Connect the booster cable for a card in PCI slot 2 to the connector closest to the media shelf.

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