Reinstalling Existing Heatsinks Processors

If you are re-installing existing heatsinks and processors, or transferring existing heatsinks and processors to a replacement logic board, in most cases you do not need to reapply Krytox grease. However, if additional grease must be added, do the following:

  • Order the Mac Pro Grease Kit (part number 076-1258).
  • Reassemble the unit while you wait for the kit to arrive.
  • Once you have the kit, remove the heatsink and/or processor from the enclosure.
  • Using first the lint-free cloth and then the alcohol wipe from the grease kit, carefully clean off any residual grease from the underside of the heatsink and the top of the processor. (See "Installing New Heatsinks" below for more information.) Finish wiping the surfaces one more time with the cloth.
  • Using the pre-measured syringe of Krytox grease from the kit, evenly apply a bead of grease around the full perimeter of the heatsink gasket. Apply the full syringe of grease to the gasket.

Warning: Do not apply more grease than recommended. The grease must not overflow the heatsink and come in contact with the processor connector.

• Do not apply any grease to the processor.

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