Unacceptable examples

The following are examples of unacceptable applications of the coating. Return new parts or replace existing parts that exhibit similar applications.

Void I: The silver-colored coating shows missing areas of within the normal coated area.

Void II: The silver-colored coating shows missing areas along the edge of the coated area.

Splash: The silver-colored coating extends beyond the normal coated area.

Important: If you observe a heatsink or processor with a "splash" of special coating, first try to remove the excess by using the method described below under "Removing Stray Particles of Coating." If this approach does not remove the splash, return the part to Apple.

Removing Stray Particles of Coating

In rare cases, small particles or beads of the silver-colored coating may appear outside the normal coated area of a replacement heatsink or processor. You must remove these particles before installing the part. Failure to do so could result in damage to the part or the logic board.

To remove the particles, use the suction pipette that comes with the replacement heatsink and processor. (The pipette is also available through GSX as part of the Mac Pro Grease Kit, part number 076-1258.) Depress the bulb end of the pipette, place the other end over the particle, and release the bulb. The particle will be suctioned into the pipette.

Once you have removed all stray particles, place the pipette inside the resealable bag included with the replacement part. Pack this bag along with the failed part in the box that the replacement part came in, and return the box to Apple.

Gasket on Heatsink

Check that the gasket that surrounds the silver-colored coating on the underside of the heatsink is in good condition, as shown below.

Replace the gasket if it shows obvious damage, such as cracks, folds, and broken-off surfaces, or if it is dislocated from the heatsink. The gasket is available through GSX as part of the Mac Pro Grease Kit, part number 076-1258.

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