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1. Disconnect the optical drive flex cable from the logic board.

Apple 13in Flex Cable

2. Without straining the optical drive flex cable, note the position of the LVDS cable beneath it. Pull the pull-tab to disconnect the LVDS cable from the logic board.

Edge Board Cable

4. Lift up the LVDS cable to locate the Bluetooth antenna cable at the edge of the logic board, and disconnect the Bluetooth antenna cable.

  1. Disconnect the inverter cable and microphone cable from the logic board.
  2. From the lower left corner of the logic board, use a black stick to raise up and disconnect the sleep switch connector.
2011 Apple Macbook Battery Pinout

8. Pull up the microphone cable and remove the 3-mm long screw between the memory slots.

Macbook Webcam Pinout Color

9. Remove the 3-mm long screw from the upper right area of the board. Disconnect the inverter cable.

10. Move aside the cables.

Holding the logic board by its right side, tilt it up and with a small rocking motion, remove it at an angle away from the I/O ports. You might find it helpful to use a black stick between the side of the bottom housing and the ports.

Replacement Note: When replacing the logic board, make sure all cables are kept clear of the board, and the I/O shield is securely positioned along the ports. Use a black stick to slightly flex the port side of the bottom case to install the logic board.

Macbook Pro Logic Board Parts

12. If you are installing a new logic board, transfer the following parts to the replacement board: • Backup battery on the underside of the logic board (Refer to Backup Battery in this chapter)

  • Tape at the edge of the board between the inverter connector and the large chip
  • AirPort Extreme Card
  • Memory cards
  • I/O shield
Liberty The Seas Layout

13. Before installing the logic board, make sure the gold-colored spring located beneath the inverter cable connector is intact (not bent or broken).

Macbook Battery Pinout

14. Before installing the logic board, check the locator pins on the bottom case. Make sure the two openings in the logic board fit over the locator pins.

Macbook Pro Battery Pinout

15. Install the replacement logic board, and reassemble and test the computer.

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Apple Technologies Explained

Apple Technologies Explained

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