Unit Unusually

This computer runs hotter than previous models. However, the normal operating temperature is well within national and international safety standards. Nevertheless, customers may be concerned about the generated heat. To prevent an unneeded repair, you can compare a

customer's computer to a running model, if available, at your repair site.

  1. Verify that the customer uses the MacBook (13-inch) placed on a flat hard surface.
  2. Verify that the MacBook (13-inch) is hotter than expected for normal operation. If possible, compare how hot the MacBook (13-inch) case feels with how hot the case of a running display model feels.
  3. Is the MacBook (13-inch) running hotter than normal? Yes: Proceed to the next step.

No: The unit is operating normally. Proceed to the Inform Customer step on the flowchart. When speaking with the customer, direct him or her to Knowledge Base document 30612.

  1. Check the processor speed.
  2. Is the processor speed running at the setting the customer set? Yes: Continue with the next step.

No: The computer could be overheating. The operating system will automatically reduce the processor speed if the computer starts to get too hot. Continue with the next step.

  1. Check for a failed fan.
  2. Can you hear the fan running? Yes: Continue with the next step.

No: The MacBook (13-inch) has only one fan. If the unit feels too hot and you do not hear a fan running or cannot feel the air venting over the top of the keyboard, the fan may have failed. Proceed to the Take Apart procedure for replacing the fan.

8. Check for misplaced thermal grease.

Each processor chip should have .15 to .175 cc (half a single syringe) of grease on it. It should look completely covered. See the logic board section of the Take Apart chapter for pictures.

9. Is the thermal grease applied in the right places and in the right amount, according to the service manual?

Yes: You have eliminated all the immediately known potential causes of an unusually hot unit. Proceed to the Systematic Fault Isolation step of the troubleshooting flowchart. No: Apply the thermal grease correctly, according to the instructions in the service manual then proceed to the Verify Repair step of the troubleshooting flowchart.

For more information on the operating temperature of Apple portable computers, see Knowledge Base document 30612, "Apple Notebooks: Operating Temperature" You may also want to point out this document to the customer.

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Apple Technologies Explained

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