Inverter Cable


  • Soft cloth
  • ESD wrist strap and mat
  • Black stick (Apple part number 922-5065) or other nonconductive nylon or plastic flatblade tool

Preliminary Steps

Before you begin, remove

  • Battery
  • RAM door
  • Top case with keyboard
  • Optical drive
  • Display module
  • Display bezel
  • Clutch cover

Part Location

Inverter Macbook
  1. With the display assembly resting on a clean, soft cloth, note the position of the inverter cable in relation to the left clutch barrel.
  2. Remove the tape from the left clutch barrel.
Macbook Pro Barrel Display

3. Remove the 3-mm long ground screw, and disconnect the inverter cable from the left end of the inverter board.

  1. Remove the inverter cable from the display assembly.
  2. Replace the inverter cable, and reassemble and test the computer

Replacement Note: Apply the tape where shown to secure the inverter cable to the left hinge.

Macbook Pro Inch Inverter

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