LVDS Cable with USB Line


  • Soft cloth
  • ESD wrist strap and mat
  • Black stick (Apple part number 922-5065) or other nonconductive nylon or plastic flatblade tool
  • Permanent marking, felt-tip pen

Preliminary Steps

Before you begin, remove

  • Battery
  • RAM door
  • Top case with keyboard
  • Optical drive
  • C-channel
  • Display bezel
  • Display module
  • Clutch cover
  • Spacers at bezel scoops
  • Bezel scoops
  • Inverter board
  • LCD panel assembly
Macbook Cable Keyboard


1. Note the placement of the strips of tape that secure the LVDS cable and the USB line to the LCD panel.

2. Because the protective sheath for the flex cables can be delicate, use light pressure to hold the cables in place as you carefully peel up the strips of tape just enough to free the cables.

Mac Line Central Line

3. Disconnect the LVDS cable by pulling the connector straight down from the connector on the LCD panel.

Macbook Pro Lvds Connector

4. Disconnect the USB line by using a black stick and your fingernail to slide the connector straight down from the camera board.

Replacement Note: When reinstalling the USB line, no copper contacts should be visible. Reinstall the cable if you can see copper contacts. Wrong


5. Remove the LVDS cable from the panel, and unwrap the black tape that secures the cable to the microphone cable.

Replacement Note: Whenever the microphone cable is to be separated from the LVDS cable, use a permanent marking pen to mark the microphone cable. Marking the cable where the strips of conductive tape overlap the microphone cable provides a guide for reassembly.

Late 2006 Model Replacement Note: For the Late 2006 model, there are three possible panel manufacturers: AUO, Chi Mei, and Samsung. Refer to the following table when replacing the LVDS cable or LCD panel:

  • If you are replacing just the LVDS cable but not the panel, be sure to check the LCD panel logo as shown in the table to order the appropriate LVDS cable (922-7889 or 9227890).
  • If you are replacing the LCD panel, be sure to also replace the LVDS cable and any conductive tape that comes bundled in the 661-4211 kit. (Do not order a separate LVDS cable.)

LCD Panel Logo

Display Part Number (a bundled kit that includes the LCD panel and LVDS cable)

Compatible LVDS Cable



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