Part Location

1. At the top right corner of the computer assembly, remove the following screws:

  • 6-mm long screw from the left end of the C-channel, securing the vent cover to the C-channel and rear panel
  • 3-mm long screw from the right speaker (the "holder" for the speaker is sandwiched between the screw head and the C-channel)
  • 3-mm long screw from the right end of the C-channel
2. Use a black stick to tilt up the right speaker.
  1. Note that the C-channel has a locator tab that fits into the slot in the vent cover.
  2. Wedge a black stick between the right clutch block and the C-channel. Then, at the vent cover slot, use a jeweler's flatblade screwdriver or your fingernail to lightly tilt up the slot as you pivot the C-channel forward and out of the bottom case.

Replacement Note: Tip the left end of the C-channel in first. Then slide the channel under the vent cover slot and into the bottom case so that all three screw holes align.

Imac Vent Covers

Replacement Caution: Before installing the screws, make sure the speaker cable is clear of the screw hole.

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