1. With the LCD panel face-down on a clean, soft cloth, disconnect the USB camera cable (pull the connector straight down).
  2. Remove the two 2-mm long screws from the camera board.

3. Tilt up the camera board and use a black stick to gently pry up the microphone cable gasket from the panel frame.

Replacement Note: Make sure the microphone gasket fits snug in the frame and that the microphone cable runs along the top of the camera frame before installing the screws.

4. Peel up the single strip of tape that holds the microphone cable in place at the camera bracket.

Replacement Note: Be sure to install a replacement strip of tape to hold the microphone cable in place and keep the cable away from areas where it could be pinched when the panel is reinstalled. Make sure the tape wraps around to the front of the camera bracket.

5. Hold the LCD panel assembly upright so you can access the two 3-mm long screws that secure the camera bracket to the top of the LCD panel. Remove the two screws.


Lift off the camera bracket from the locator pins on the bezel braces. Do not remove the camera board from the bracket.

Replacement Note: The camera assembly includes:

  • Camera bracket
  • Camera board
  • Camera in plastic case
  • Flex cable from camera case to camera board
  • Screws

Replacement Note: Be sure to reinstall the microphone in the gasket before securing the 2-mm long camera board screws.

Replacement Note: When reinstalling the USB line, no copper contacts should be visible. Reinstall the cable if you can see copper contacts. Wrong

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