Caution: When servicing the computer, be especially careful when working near the two springs on the logic board. Although the springs are flexible, they can be inadvertently torn, bent, or broken if a cable gets caught on them. A logic board might be considered unusable with one or more damaged springs. Check the structural integrity of the springs before completing a repair.

Ibook Logic Board Fix
1. Disconnect the optical drive flex cable from the logic board.

2. Without straining the optical drive flex cable, note the position of the LVDS cable beneath it. Pull the pull-tab to disconnect the LVDS cable from the logic board.

3. Locate the Bluetooth antenna cable at the edge of the logic board, and disconnect the Bluetooth antenna cable. Pull the pull-tab to disconnect the hard drive cable connector.

5. Remove the 3-mm long screw located between the memory card carriers, and disconnect the following cables:

  • sleep switch connector (use a black stick to raise up and disconnect it)
  • microphone cable
  • left speaker cable
  • subwoofer/right speaker cable

6. Place a heavy box behind the display to help support it (refer to "Clutch Block, Left" for more details). Disconnect the inverter cable, and remove the following screws:

  • 10-mm long thick-stemmed outer screw, closest to the left corner of the bottom case
  • 6-mm long thick-stemmed middle screw
  • 6-mm long thin-stemmed inner screw, closest to the antenna cables 3-mm long screw from the upper right area of the board.

7. Remove the left clutch block and clutch cap, and move aside any cables that overlap the logic board.

Note: Disregard the cable assembly state shown in the image below.

Replacement Note: When reinstalling the clutch block, refer to "Clutch Block, Left" in this chapter.

8. Holding the logic board by its right side, tilt it up and with a small rocking motion, remove it at an angle away from the I/O ports. You might find it helpful to use a black stick between the side of the bottom housing and the ports.

Replacement Note: When replacing the logic board, make sure all cables are kept clear of the board, and the I/O shield is securely positioned along the ports. Use a black stick, if necessary, to slightly flex the port side of the bottom case to install the logic board.

9. If you are installing a new logic board, transfer the following parts to the replacement board: • Backup battery on the underside of the logic board (Refer to Backup Battery in this chapter)

Tape at the edge of the board between the inverter connector and the large chip AirPort Extreme Card

Memory cards I/O shield

Inverter Pin Macbook

11. Before installing the logic board, check the locator pins on the bottom case. Make sure the two openings in the logic board fit over the "+-shaped" locator pins.

  1. Warning: Whenever the heatsink is separated from the logic board (even if you are installing the same logic board or heatsink), the thermal grease must be checked and possibly replaced. Failure to do so can cause the computer to overheat and be damaged. Refer to "Checking the Thermal Grease" in the Heatsink section.
  2. IMPORTANT: When replacing the logic board, make sure the arrangement of pins on the battery connector/sleep switch exactly match the pin openings on the logic board. If the sleep switch cable does not match the logic board, discard the cable and order the correct matching cable.

Replacement Caution: Before installing a new logic board or sleep switch, ensure that the new part has the same features as the old part. Check the sleep switch area, as follows, for positive identification:

• If the sleep switch connector has a gap in the two rows of pins between three pins and the remaining pins, then the logic board must be an Energy Star model with a matching gap in the pin openings of the sleep switch area. Also, the words "ENERGY STAR" are printed on the logic board at the second memory card slot.

• If the sleep switch connector has two rows of uninterrupted uniform pins, the logic board must have matching pin openings (no gap).

14. Install the replacement logic board, and reassemble and test the computer.

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