Inverter Board


  • Soft cloth
  • ESD wrist strap and mat
  • Black stick (Apple part number 922-5065) or other nonconductive nylon or plastic flatblade tool

Preliminary Steps

Before you begin, remove

  • Battery
  • RAM door
  • Top case with keyboard
  • Optical drive
  • Display module
  • Display bezel
  • Clutch cover

Caution: During this procedure, do not press on the flat area of the board or on its components. Handle the board by the edges only.

1. Using a black stick or your fingers, disconnect the inverter cable from the left end of the board.

Inverter Macbook Air

2. Disconnect the LCD panel cable from the right end of the board.

Macbook Inverter Board

3. Holding the board by the ends, lift out the inverter board from the slot in the display rear housing.

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