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1. Remove the screws from the right clutch block:

10-mm long thick-stemmed outer screw, closest to the right corner of the bottom case 6-mm long thick-stemmed inner screw

Use a black stick to remove the right clutch block from the computer assembly.

Replacement Note: Tilt the right end of the clutch block into the rear panel first. Then make sure the left end with the clutch cap aligns properly before installing the screws.

Note: Unlike the left clutch block, there is no mesh pad on the right clutch block. Replacement Note: Notice how the right clutch cap comes loose as soon as the clutch block is removed. Make sure the right clutch cap is fitted into the clutch block, and hold it in place before installing the screws.

Replacement Note: Notice how the LVDS cable and microphone cable are routed around the right display hinge. Make sure they are routed as shown and cannot be pinched when the right clutch block and clutch cap are installed.

Replacement Note: If you are replacing the left and right clutch blocks as a pair, install the screws in the order shown. Otherwise, install the longest outer screw first.

Replacement Note: The right clutch cap and left clutch cap are not the same.The right clutch cap is pictured below.

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