Mag Safe power adapter LED does not turn on

  1. Confirm the power adapter is connected to a known-good outlet.
  2. Try replacing the AC plug or AC power cord. If the adapter works, replace the plug or cord.
  3. Check the pins in the power adapter's DC plug for pins that are stuck down.

4. If pins are stuck down, try cleaning the contacts.

Note: Debris removal should be done with a soft, non-electrostatic generating (non-plastic bristle) brush. A tool such as a cotton swab may introduce foreign material that will cause the pins to seize up. If the pin has become stuck, try working the pin to release it.

5. If the LED on the connector does not light up, there may be contamination in the MagSafe port. The contact pins can be dirty. It can be cleaned with a soft brush. Do not use liquid.

In addition, foreign material may cover the contacts or prevent the MagSafe connector plug from seating enough to allow the sense pin to connect to the system.

6. Check if pins are missing or bent. If so, replace the power adapter.

For further information on MagSafe power adapters, consult these Knowledge Base articles:

302461: Portable Computers: Troubleshooting power adapters

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303566: Troubleshooting Magsafe power adapters with stuck pins

306446: Apple Portables: Reducing cable strain on your MagSafe power adapter

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