Removal Procedure

1. With the display open wider than a 90-degree angle, run an access card along the outer sides and top edge of the bezel where it meets the display rear housing.

Note: When opening the bezel, you might find that a small dot of adhesive is used at the top corner:

2. To loosen the bottom of the bezel, run a black stick along the inner edge where the bezel meets the LCD frame. Do not touch the display face.

Note: If you have a plastic sheet that can protect the LCD panel, cover the display face.

  1. Lift off the bezel.
  2. Check for any mounting clips around the LCD frame that pop off or appear to be missing.
5. Return any clips back into the bezel brace.

6. If any of the mounting clips are difficult to install, check that they are structurally sound. You can order a kit of replacement clips if necessary.

7. Install the replacement bezel (first see notes in the Replacement Procedure), and reassemble and test the computer.

Replacement Procedure

Important: Before installing a replacement bezel, be sure to check the camera area, and peel off the dust cover film that comes with a new bezel.

Replacement Caution: The lower corners of the bezel include mounting hooks that differ in design from the snaps at the top and sides of the bezel. Incorrectly installing this area of the bezel can result in bent hooks and a bezel gap that would require bezel replacement. These hooks must be installed as follows.

1. Caution: To install the bezel, start at the top near the camera first. Match the two locator pins inside the bezel to the holes in the top center of the display assembly.

3. With the camera area secured, bend up the bottom of the bezel to hook the bottom edge of the bezel.

4. Press along the outer frame of the bezel to secure it to the display assembly.

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