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Universal binary is a Mac OS X application created by a developer who modifies and recompiles an application so it runs natively on either a PowerPC-based or Intel-based Mac. This application can run on older systems and the new MacBook.

A Universal binary application works directly with the Core 2 Duo microprocessor. As discussed in the following section, older non-native PowerPC applications can still run on a MacBook, but will require a Mac OS X technology called Rosetta to translate for the Core 2 Duo processor.

Universal binary applications are marked with the following logo:

Rosetta is a Mac OS X technology which allows PowerPC applications to run on an Intel-based Mac. Rosetta works behind the scenes to translate an existing native, non-Universal application (one that was designed to run natively a PowerPC-based Mac (not a Classic application—see note) so it can run on an Intel-based Mac. All you have to do is double-click the application!

Note: The Classic (Mac OS 9) application will not run on MacBook. Recommend to customers that they upgrade to Mac OS X versions of required applications.

Knowledge Base Articles

These troubleshooting articles can be searched from http://www.apple.com/support.

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Apple Technologies Explained

Apple Technologies Explained

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