Mac Book Air Battery Diagnostic at Startup

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If the MacBook Air's diagnostic LED displays five flashes upon startup, and the pattern repeats after a brief pause, the computer's battery may require service. If the power adapter is connected to a working power source, the MacBook Air will continue to start up normally; however, the battery should still be serviced.

This 5-flash LED diagnostic may also occur when waking the computer from sleep if the power adapter is connected and the battery requires service. This is intended to indicate a defective battery while still accommodating continued operation until it can be serviced.

Diagnostic Flash Sequence:

  1. Sleep indicator light is solid. This confirms that the unit is receiving power, even though the system has no video.
  2. Sleep indicator light flashes five times to indicate a battery failure.
  3. Sleep indicator light returns to solid status. Again, this indicates that the system is powered, even though video and battery power are not available.

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Apple Technologies Explained

Apple Technologies Explained

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