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Firmware is software that is written into memory circuits, such as flash memory, that can retain software code indefinitely, even when power is not available to the hardware. Firmware on Intel Mac computers is designed to be updated if necessary through a software update.

EFI and SMC firmware is stored on the MacBook Air logic board. EFI firmware updates address the Boot ROM, and SMC updates address the System Management Controller firmware. The SMC manages fans and other environmental parameters that are independent of the Boot ROM.

Firmware symptoms can be easily mistaken for hardware issues (e.g. overheating issues, fan noise issues, etc.). Always check both EFI and SMC firmware versions, and update if necessary before replacing any hardware components in the MacBook Air.

Please follow the steps outlined in Knowledge Base article 303364 About firmware updates for Intel-based Macs to perform an EFI and/or SMC firmware update.

Information about firmware versions for Intel Macs can be found in Knowledge Base article 303880 Mac OS X: Firmware Updates for Intel-based Macs.

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Apple Technologies Explained

Apple Technologies Explained

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