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2. Use your fingernails to grip the edge of the bottom case in the rear corners near the display hinge, or use a black stick as a wedge to gently pry up the bottom case a few millimeters-enough to grab the edges with your fingers. You may need to pull with slightly more force on the right side to lift the corner near the MagSafe adapter port.

Macbook Air Bottom Charger Problem

3. Pivot the rear edge upward a few inches to a 30° angle. At that same angle, pull the bottom case outward from the front edge of the top case to preserve the integrity of the front clips.

Change Macbook Air Bottom Case

Serial Number Transfer Instructions

IMPORTANT: When replacing the bottom case of a MacBook Air, retain the customer's original bottom case until the repair is complete.

CRITICAL: Before installing the replacement bottom case, transfer the serial number from the original bottom case to the replacement.

1. Locate the serial number on the top center of the bottom case (near the vent holes), etched below the FCC verbiage as below. You may need a magnifying glass to read the characters.

Note: In a bootable system, you can also find the serial number in "About this Mac" or Apple System Profiler. If the bottom case of the customer's unit has been previously replaced, see the subsequent steps for the intended final written location.

CAUTION: Take great care in deciphering the small typeface of the etched serial number on the bottom case. It is imperative that you transfer the correct alphanumeric characters. Keep in mind that Apple serial numbers always use the numbers 1 and 0 instead of the Roman letters "I" and "O."

2. On the inside surface of the replacement bottom case, use a fine tip permanent marker to write the original serial number clearly and legibly in uppercase box letters in the location below. Look in this location for the serial number on a previously replaced bottom case.

Caution: Each screw boss leading from the top case to the bottom case is angled at a different pitch; thus, the angle at which you drive or loosen the screws must correspond accordingly.

Before actually turning the screw into the boss, make sure the threads are properly aligned. Use the screwdriver to seat the screw at the correct angle, and then turn the screw backward (counterclockwise) until you feel the threads 'click'into place. You may need to do this a few times to get the exact thread placement. If you feel resistance, back the screw out and start again. Failure to do so can strip the boss and render the entire top case unusable.

While holding the bottom case at a 30° angle, insert the clips on its front edge into the tabs on the top case before lowering into place. Make sure no cables are pinched (e.g., the Airport/Bluetooth antenna assembly on the right side and the microphone cable in the rear).

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