To run Apple Hardware Test remotely from a networked computer

  1. Insert the Mac OS X Install Disc 1 into the optical disc drive of the computer you are using with the Remote Disc feature.
  2. If the other computer is a Mac, open /Applications/Utilities/Remote Install Mac OS X. On Windows, choose "Remote Install Mac OS X" from the Install Assistant.
  3. Read the introduction and hold down the Option key while you click Continue in Remote Install Mac OS X to open Apple Hardware Test.
  4. On the MacBook Air, when the Apple Hardware Test chooser screen appears, select the language for your location.
  5. Press the Return key or click the right arrow button.
  6. When the Apple Hardware Test main screen appears (after about 45 seconds), follow the onscreen instructions.
  7. If Apple Hardware Test detects an issue, it displays an error code. Make a note of the error code before pursuing support options. If Apple Hardware Test doesn't detect a hardware issue, the issue may be software related.
  8. On the remote computer, click Quit to exit Remote Install Mac OS X. If you see a message saying the MacBook Air will be disconnected, click Quit Anyway.

For general information about Apple Hardware Test, see the Apple Hardware Test Read Me file on the Mac OS X Install Disc 1. You can read it on the networked computer, or on the MacBook Air by using DVD or CD Sharing.

For technical support information on Apple Hardware Test, please see Kbase article 25165: "Apple Hardware Test: Support FAQ" and 58624: "Apple Hardware Test: Technical FAQ."

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