To use a shared DVD or CD

  1. On the remote computer, insert a DVD or CD into the optical disc drive.
  2. On MacBook Air, select the Remote Disc when it appears under Devices in the Finder sidebar. If you see the "Ask to use" button, click it.


ip Den's Computer

I 5S 1 = |m| MU 1


Office Computer



Jane's Desktop

► 1


Den's Computer

PC Computer


Another PC

► i

Den s Computer k to use..


Macintosh HD

O Remote Disc rSHARED

JpJ Office Computer

Den s Computer k to use..


  1. On the remote computer, when prompted, click Accept to allow the MacBook Air to use the DVD or CD.
  2. On the MacBook Air, use the disc as you normally would once it becomes available.

If you try to shut down the remote computer or eject the shared DVD or CD while the MacBook Air is using it, you'll see a message telling you that the disc is in use. To proceed, click Continue.

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