Wire and Flex Cables

Because of the MacBook Air's extremely thin enclosure design, precise cable handling and placement is crucial.

Below is a list of cables and the signal(s) that each cable carries. If you notice a combination of functions failing simultaneously, an improperly inserted or damaged cable may be the culprit. Many of the cables listed below can be replaced as separate parts, including the Input Devices (IPD) board to logic board cable; however, all other cables to and from the IPD board (other than the IPD to logic board cable) are part of the top case and therefore should not be disconnected.

Cable or Flex Cable

Signal(s) Running Through It

Hard drive flex cable

Hard drive data and power

Input Devices (IPD) board flex cable (leading to the logic board)

Infrared data and power (to logic board) Sleep indicator power Sleep sensor

Trackpad data and power Trackpad button Keyboard data and power Keyboard backlight power

Trackpad flex cable

Trackpad data and power (to IPD board)

Keyboard flex cable

Keyboard data and power (to IPD board) Power on signal

Infrared / sleep flex cable

Infrared data and power (to IPD board) Sleep indicator light Sleep sensor

Airport/Bluetooth card antenna cable

AirPort/Bluetooth radio signal

Airport/Bluetooth card flex cable

AirPort/Bluetooth digital data & power

Cable or Flex Cable

Signal(s) Running Through It

Fan cable

Power/control for fan

LVDS cable

Display video data and power Built-in camera video data and power Ambient light sensor data and power

Internal microphone cable

Microphone input

Audio cable from speaker board

Analog audio-out only

Analog audio-out DVI video

MagSafe assembly cable

DC power to system

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